Thomson grad seeks to conquer Mount Everest in May 2014

Thomson CI’s distinguished 1991 alumnus, Dr.Shehbaz Butt, who is an anaesthesiologist at Markham Stouffville Hospital, will be attempting a climb of Mount Everest in May 2014. Dr. Butt has climbed four of the Seven Summits (highest mountains on all 7 continents) and is asking for your support to help him climb his fifth!
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Our school name truly is forever: New school building will remain David & Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute

Earlier today, April 8, 2014, representatives of Thomson Alumni Association met with TDSB officials for a formal introductory discussion regarding opportunities to display historical artifacts and memorabilia in the new school building now being planned for the Thomson-Bendale property.
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Planning for new Thomson redevelopment reaches advanced stage, but final project approvals are delayed

In recent months, Toronto District School Board officials and their consultants have made significant progress toward formulation of a final plan for the new secondary school complex that will soon replace Thomson Collegiate and Bendale Business & Technical Institute.

(click for enlarged view – new window opens)

Officials have released this preliminary design rendering of the new school building. The view shown is the south facade and main entrance of the state-of-the-art structure.
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Thomson CI site and building have been acquired by French school board

A local newspaper reports that Thomson Collegiate has been acquired by the French school board for use as a regional high school. Great news! Apparently the school building will live on, probably in a fully renovated and updated state.

See this brief news article from the Scarborough Mirror, published November 27 2013:
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Design of new Thomson school building depicted in animation video

Architects and TDSB officials have released a YouTube video animation that shows the proposed design for the new Thomson/Bendale school building, expected to open in Fall 2015. View the video on YouTube or see the embedded version, below.