Impressive new architectural renderings released by TDSB

As politicians and administrators seek final consensus to move the project forward, TDSB officials have released a pair of impressive new architectural renderings of the proposed new David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute.

The new images demonstrate several key features of the new school plan. The gymnasia are placed at south-east corner of the new school, offering fast and easy access to the new track and field facility, as well as convenient accessibility to the public for off-hours community use in evenings and on weekends. Tall windows in the gymnasia provide daylight and transparency of views for users and site visitors alike.

A second new rendering portrays the new school building in context with its immediate neighbourhood, including town homes to the west on the old Bendale BTI site. Both these new drawings are rich in detail and context.

Please click on the reduced images (above) for full-screen views of these detailed architectural renderings, or click here:
Image 1Image 2

New complication in plans for disposition of Thomson CI site and lands

On June 26, 2014, Toronto District School Board officials communicated some important news for all interested parties involved in the Thomson-Bendale redevelopment project.

They report that the French School Board has dropped its plans for acquisition of the old Thomson site and school building, apparently due to rejection of its financing plan. This unexpected complication leaves the final disposition of the Thomson CI site and lands completely up in the air, with no known outcome. Please see the full text of the TDSB letter, copied below. Continue reading →

Thomson grad seeks to conquer Mount Everest in May 2014

UPDATED APRIL 24, 2014: Following the disastrous collapse of an ice wall that killed 16 Sherpa porters and guides, in recent days many Everest expeditions have cancelled their plans. Dr. Butt and his climbing partner, Joe Raftis, are now on their way back to Canada. See Dr. Butt’s personal journal for more details and some photographs of the hike into the Himalaya region that he and Joe completed in mid-April. A follow-up news story about the Everest disaster in the Globe and Mail also mentions Dr. Butt. For additional news about the outcome of the 2014 climbing season on Mount Everest, we suggest you follow this authoritative blog maintained by Alan Arnette, a noted mountaineering commentator.

Thomson CI’s distinguished 1991 alumnus, Dr. Shehbaz Butt, who is an anaesthesiologist at Markham Stouffville Hospital, will be attempting a climb of Mount Everest in May 2014. Dr. Butt has climbed four of the Seven Summits (highest mountains on all 7 continents) and is asking for your support to help him climb his fifth!
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Our school name truly is forever: New school building will remain David & Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute

Earlier today, April 8, 2014, representatives of Thomson Alumni Association met with TDSB officials for a formal introductory discussion regarding opportunities to display historical artifacts and memorabilia in the new school building now being planned for the Thomson-Bendale property.
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Planning for new Thomson redevelopment reaches advanced stage, but final project approvals are delayed

In recent months, Toronto District School Board officials and their consultants have made significant progress toward formulation of a final plan for the new secondary school complex that will soon replace Thomson Collegiate and Bendale Business & Technical Institute.

(click for enlarged view – new window opens)

Officials have released this preliminary design rendering of the new school building. The view shown is the south facade and main entrance of the state-of-the-art structure.
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