Video exploration of abandoned Thomson school building prior to demolition

These two videos were produced by anonymous urban explorers who, in late July, penetrated the security fence at the Thomson demolition site and captured video of the school’s derelict interiors, only a couple of months prior to total destruction of the building.

The third video is an aerial video tour by drone in summer 2019 of both the old school and the new building under construction.




Old school building now ripped apart by demolition crews

After stripping out the interiors, fixtures and windows for the past 2 months, in early August demolition crews started the tear-down of the concrete and masonry shell of our old school building.

August 14:

August 14:

August 17:

Original Thomson Collegiate, now abandoned, faces imminent demolition

These two photos tell the sad story. No further description needed.

All Alumni events are cancelled until mid-2021 at earliest

Due to the ongoing public health emergency in Ontario all previously announced alumni events are cancelled and no future plans have been made.

We will make further announcements in Spring or Summer of 2021 if this circumstance changes. Meanwhile, please stay safe and healthy.

Spectacular new school building opens! The new David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute is a true achievement in teaching excellence for the 21st century

(click on photos for enlarged views)

The new David and Mary Thomson school building opened on Tuesday December 10th by welcoming over 1,500 students and faculty to their spectacular new home located at 125 Brockley Drive, Scarborough.

A group of alumni committee members also attended the opening and received a tour of the new school led by principal Bill Papaconstantinou (above, left). School board trustee David Smith (above, right) also participated in the tour and helped welcome students and teachers to the new facility.

The new school is spectacular: 4 floors tall and encompassing a diverse array of teaching labs and classrooms. Photographed above is the combined cafeteria and auditorium assembly room, located adjacent to the main entrance.

The school entrance is oriented south and offers interesting interior perspectives and window walls at various levels that introduce plenty of natural light into the building.

Truly the new building is visually impressive, and designed to maintain Thomson CI’s tradition of teaching and learning excellence into the 21st century and beyond.

At mid-morning on opening day, December 10th, all the students and faculty assembled at the main entrance for an attempt at a group photograph (in bitterly cold weather) to commemorate the opening.

The old school building on Lawrence Avenue East now stands empty and abandoned. Demolition is expected to begin in the first half of the new year.