Original red bricks from old Thomson school building now available for sale

Salvaged from our now-demolished old school building on Lawrence Avenue East – original red bricks are available for sale!

We are accepting donations, minimum $10 for each brick, any quantity, at this PayPal credit card link. All proceeds will support future activities of the Thomson Alumni Association. Thank you for your support!

Pickup date for bricks on June 11th at a location in Scarborough. You will receive pick-up location details by e-mail after your donation. Credit card processing is by PayPal (accepts all major cards) at this link.

Statement by Thomson Alumni Association following the shooting death of a student in the school

The Thomson Alumni Association sent the following message to the principal of David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute, Mr. Aatif Choudhry, in the aftermath of the shooting and murder of an 18-year-old student, Jahiem Robinson, inside the school on the afternoon of February 14, 2022.

Dear Mr. Choudhry,

On behalf of the David and Mary Thomson Alumni Association, I wish to express our shock and sorrow at the shooting death of a student at the school. Our first thought is for family members, fellow students and staff members directly affected by this tragedy. We realize how fortunate our many alumni members have been in never having had to experience such an event first-hand. We send our deepest sympathy to all those for whom this death is a personal trauma.

At the same time, as alumni members, we remain proud Thomsonites, confident that the positive memories we have of our time at the school will remain even and especially for those living through such an event. We express our confidence that you and your colleagues in the school and the Board can draw upon Thomson’s long tradition in supporting families and individuals most affected by adversity.


Bob McBride
President, Thomson Alumni Association

Alumni executive committee holds informal first meeting of the new year

On Saturday January 30, 2021, our Alumni association executive committee held an informal meeting to exchange best wishes for the new year and discuss some upcoming agenda items for the Association. Zoom conferencing brought 9 of our members together very effectively, making the session both productive and fun!

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