Design competition for the 50th Anniversary wall commemoration

The big 50th anniversary celebration of May 2009 is now history, but we would like to leave its mark in some tangible visible form in the old school – or a “new” one, if plans continue in that direction.

The Alumni planning committee envisions a framed glass- or plexiglass-covered wall-mounted display, to complement the 25th anniversary framed autographs, perhaps near them in the upper hall at the top of the school’s front stairway.

We invite alumni and/or present Thomson students and staff who have graphic-designer or similar talents to submit possible designs for this commemorative display.

Here are suggested requirements for this display design:

• The eventual dimensions would be approximately 5-6 feet by 5-6 feet.

• Central to the design would be a large ‘5’ and a large ‘0’, outlined and with sufficient space within the outlines to mount a collage of photos and other memorabilia covering events and personalities from the first 50 years. The outlines could even be three-dimensional, if that catches your fancy.

• The school crest should be incorporated into the design somewhere. One possibility is in the centre of the 0. Another would be in the space between the 5 and the 0.

• Other components could include the dates 1959 and 2009 and spaces or outlines where other photos, etc. could be mounted.

• The school colours, scarlet, black and white are recommended for the design. It is possible that all memorabilia, photos, etc. would also be black-and-white, rather than including colour, to help implement this colour scheme.

• It is anticipated that a small plaque would be attached to the final display in a suitable place, with wording something like: Presented to David and Mary Thomson C. I. in celebration of the 50th anniversary in 2009. So that information need not be included in the design, unless you wish.

Proposed designs are to be submitted electronically to the Alumni email address: by Friday, May 28. A committee will meet to judge entries on Monday, May 31. Include the name of the individual or group responsible for the design. The committee will contact by reply email all those who submit designs. They may wish to meet  with one or more designers to discuss the practicalities of constructing the final project before making a final decision. Our hope is to have the project constructed and installed by mid-October, 2010.

The committee is also on the look-out for memorabilia to include on the display: photos, programs, newspaper clippings, etc. that are part of the school’s history for the first 50 years. Whether or not you wish to create a display design, you are invited to submit any items you think would be of interest. However, to safeguard your originals and to make transfer to the final display as uncomplicated as possible, please submit these items electronically to the same email address: by the same deadline of May 28. (In most cases, unless your original is also electronic, you will need to use a scanner or other device to create electronic files for the memorabilia.)

Thank you in advance for your interest and good luck!


#1 Tim Dobson (Thomson) on 04.10.11 at 9:33 pm

Well as much as I like to see progress its said to see land once donated by the family sold off.

#2 Tim Dobson (Thomson) on 04.10.11 at 9:35 pm

Is this year the last scheduled class? I’d like to be there for the closing of the school seeing that the school bares my Great Grandfathers name.

#3 Site Webmaster on 04.15.11 at 9:29 pm

No, this is not the final year. Perhaps 2012 or 2013. Watch this web site for further updates
– Webmaster

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