Planning for new Thomson redevelopment reaches advanced stage, but final project approvals are delayed

In recent months, Toronto District School Board officials and their consultants have made significant progress toward formulation of a final plan for the new secondary school complex that will soon replace Thomson Collegiate and Bendale Business & Technical Institute.

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Officials have released this preliminary design rendering of the new school building. The view shown is the south facade and main entrance of the state-of-the-art structure.

Also released for public consultation is the proposed overall site plan of the combined Thomson/Bendale properties. Notable in this plan is a new residential development in place of the demolished Bendale school building, as well as an extension of Brockley Drive north to the new housing development, connecting west to Midland Avenue.

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Issues and unaddressed details surrounding the new housing development and access road extension apparently have contributed to delays in approvals for the master plan. The local city councillor, Michael Thompson, is assisting to address these remaining issues and move the project approval forward.

If the approval delays cannot be resolved soon, the original expected completion date of Fall 2015 for the new Thomson school complex likely will slip into 2016.


#1 Billy West on 10.18.14 at 8:29 am

I will be really sad along with a many others if Bendale gets torn down,if they are doing this can you please,,, please,,, please notify us ASAP so the people can go a take pictures an maybe go in a take some pictures inside as well. Thanks for your Time

#2 Joseph McFarlane on 05.09.16 at 2:29 pm

I was a student at Bendale from 1964 to 67. Although the Bendale Facebook has old yearbook pix of some of the teachers from then that is about it for pix. I was hoping to find old pix, old and current inside views.
This video I found has good views of some of the hallways. (Note: for unknown reason, this video has been deleted from YouTube)

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