TDSB delays: “No money to build”

A news column in the Toronto Sun, February 5, 2010, sheds light on the challenges faced by TDSB officials and trustees regarding re-development of the Thomson-Bendale property:

As far as worries about what trustees have to “sell” back to closure communities, the problem is the board has no money to build anything. It owes $62 million it borrowed starting five years ago to deal with dire repairs — like caving in walls. The provincial government wants that paid back, or at least a pay-back plan, before it lets the TDSB go out and borrow even more money for these community “reinvestments.”

Case in point, the board approved a plan a year ago — worked out by one central Scarborough school neighbourhood — to consolidate Bendale and Thomson high schools into one, sell some land and use the savings to finance a better, single school. A year later and that community is wondering what’s happening — no kidding. If things went ahead it would be a PR win for the board and government and probably ease the reluctance of other neighbourhoods to talk about closures.

See the full Toronto Sun news column here.


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